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Alongside my academic activities, I regularly act as legal counsel. I advise law firms, multinational companies, SME's, governmental departments, and NGOs on a range of legal issues. I aim to contribute to practical and sustainable solutions for the client. For this purpose, I regularly use my experience as a judge and an arbitrator.


Responsible and Sustainable Business Conduct

  • transnational liability of companies for human rigths violations

  • regulatory due diligence obligations for companies

  • operationlising the OESO-Guidelines for multinational enterprises and the United Nations Guiding Principles

  • designing a sustainable business plan to respect human rights

  • drafting and implementing a sustainable human rights due diligence proces

  • strategic use of the Sustainable Development Goals and align them with responsible and sustainable business conduct

Tort law and liability

  • Dutch tort law

  • English tort law

  • comparative tort law

  • damages

  • product liability

  • unfair commercial practices

For more information about his consultancy, please contact me here.

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