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My current academic affiliations are:


  • Professor of European Tort Law, Maastricht University

  • Visiting Professor, School of Law, King's College London


Short CV

2023 - present:

Voorzitter Raad van Toezicht, Stichting

2022 - present:

Lid Raad van Advies, Stichting Certificaathouders Triodos Bank

2016 - present:

Chair Supervisory Board, Stichting Victimes des Déchets Toxiques Côte d’Ivoire

2015 - present:

Professor of European Tort Law, Maastricht University

2008 - present: 

Visiting Professor, King’s College London

2007 - present:

Independent legal consultant

2017 - 2020:

Member Monitoring Committee, Dutch Banking Agreement, Social Economic Council (SER)

2016 - 2023:

Jurylid van de jaarlijkse Beer Impuls Scriptieprijs

2014 - 2022:

Professor of International Business and Human Rights, Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University. This was an eight year tenure, sponsored by Amnesty International Nederland and the Stichting Vredeswetenschappen

2007 - 2014:

Honorary Professor of European Private Law, Utrecht University


2007 - 2014:

Visiting Professor, Queen Mary, University of London


2004 - 2007:

Director Regulation Forum and Director European and Comparative Law Programme, British Institute of International and Comparative Law, London


2003 - 2007:

Member of the Board of the Dutch Lawyers Association (Nederlandse Juristenvereniging, NJV)

2000 - 2004:

Chair of General Contract Terms Committees at the Dutch Social Economic Council (SER)


1996 - 2009:

Editor in Chief of Verkeersrecht, a Dutch monthly on civil, criminal and administrative traffic law


1992 - 2004:

Full Professor of Private Law, Vrije University Amterdam


1991 - 2008:

Deputy Judge, District Court Arnhem


1990 - 1992:

Member of Staff, Legislative Department, Ministry of Justrice, The Netherlands


1984 - 1990:

PhD researcher and lecturer, Molengraaff Institute for Private Law, Utrecht University


LL.M. in Dutch private law, Utrecht University


LL.B. in Dutch law, Erasmus University Rotterdam


Inaugural lecture

Rotterdam School of Management

18 September 2015




Inaugural Lecture

Vrije Universieit Amsterdam

25 March 1994

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